Establishing HIPAA Compliant IT Operations for a Nationwide Workforce


Behavioral Health Concepts partnered with Davin Technology Group to design, implement, and manage all aspects of their technology and website development operations throughout the United States.


In 2014, Behavioral Health Concepts (BHC) acquired a government contract with California's Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), which required Behavioral Health Concepts to increase their staff size and expand their existing IT operations. This included the design and implementation of scalable HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure and implementation of secure cloud-based systems to enable non-centralized EQRO operations for a traveling workforce.

Behavioral Health Concepts' rapid expansion required the design and implementation of the following technology solutions:

  • HIPAA compliant data analysis environment and statistical platform to analyze tens of millions of ePHI records and patient data.
  • Deployment of durable laptops with best-in-class security and HIPAA safeguards to withstand the continuous abuse of staff travel requirements.
  • Remote management of all corporate devices.
  • HIPAA compliant cloud-based email and eDiscovery platform.
  • HIPAA compliant cloud-based file storage and sharing platform to securely store and facilitate data transfers with California health plans.
  • Cloud-based phone system to enable corporate phone presence for all Behavioral Health Concepts staff, contractors, and consultants regardless of their physical location.
  • Development of a public-facing website to publish EQRO reports and informational resources for health plans, government officials, and mental health consumers.

Davin Technology Group team began by meeting with Behavioral Health Concepts' senior leadership team, government officials, and internal stakeholders to gather requirements and begin the development of Behavioral Health Concepts' technology plan to revamp their IT operations.

The comprehensive technology plan included a multi-year technology budget, vendor procurement processes, technology and infrastructure implement timelines, disaster recovery plans, and an operational overview of Davin Technology Group's strategy to support day-to-day IT operations.


Since 2014, Davin Technology Group has overseen Behavioral Health Concepts' rapid expansion which has enabled Behavioral Health Concepts to reinvent their IT vision and operations to better meet the needs of their growing business.

Davin Technology Group continues to manage Behavioral Health Concepts' day-to-day IT operations throughout the United States and works closely with leadership to continuously innovate and provide technology solutions that positively impact their bottom-line.

"Davin Technology Group has been a great partner in establishing and implementing our IT infrastructure in California and in our national operations. Their expertise is always cutting edge and their responsiveness to all of our IT needs in an expedient manner is superb. The scope of their services covers everything from online training processes, IT infrastructure, all aspects of software and hardware management, cyber-security, database management, cloud management, website development, and being a valued partner in our strategic planning for growth. Davin Technology Group will continue to be an important driver of our company success for the future."

William Holcomb

Dr. William Holcomb

President and CEO, Behavioral Health Concepts

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Behavioral Health Concepts (BHC) provides professional, quality review services to businesses, health care agencies, health plans, and government. Headquartered in Emeryville, CA, Behavioral Health Concepts has grown into a nationally recognized EQRO consulting and behavioral health program analysis organization.

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