Re-architecting IT Infrastructure to Centralize Operations


Industrial Communications sought to assess their IT needs, develop a plan to replace legacy infrastructure, and implement new IT systems to centralize the management of their Florida IT operations.


Over the years, Industrial Communications' Florida IT systems and operations had become increasingly challenging to manage from their headquarters 1,500 miles away in Marshfield, Massachusetts. IT systems were fragmented across various on-premise infrastructure and lacked essential centralized management capabilities.

Industrial Communications chose Davin Technology Group to assess their IT needs, develop a plan of attack to replace legacy infrastructure, and implement the new IT systems within a one-month period.


The Davin Technology Group team immediately met with internal stakeholders to define project goals and requirements. The team then traveled down to Industrial Communications' Miami office to perform a comprehensive technology assessment to establish baseline metrics and develop a remediation plan.

The outcomes of the assessment provided Industrial Communications' internal stakeholders with the necessary data points to make a strategic decision to overhaul their legacy IT infrastructure and systems. The implementation phase required close collaboration with Industrial Communications internal IT team to ensure the solutions implemented seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure and systems located at their headquarters.


Industrial Communications went live with the newly consolidated and overhauled IT infrastructure and systems. The outcomes of the overhaul has enabled the industrial communication's IT team to seamlessly deploy new software configurations, enforce security policies, and consolidate IT operations to their Marshfield headquarters.

"Davin Technology Group is approachable, professional, and knowledgable. They have assisted us with multiple projects ranging from simple to complex and have always been reliable. I will be using DTG in the future and highly recommend them for companies in need of any IT service."

William Rudolph

William Rudolph

IT Manager, Industrial Communications

About Industrial Communications

Industrial Communications is a recognized leader in the wireless communications industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of communications products, technologies and services to a variety of businesses, public safety, and government agencies in New England and South Florida.


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