The Risks of Saving Data Locally

We’ve all been there. 50 files cluttering your desktop, versions on top of versions and what seems to be an endless number of folders. While staying organized is crucial, it’s important to understand that storing critical or sensitive data on your computer or local network storage without the proper IT controls in place poses a number of risks. Continue Reading

Meet the Team: Mike Bernard

Meet the Team is an ongoing series that focuses on the members of the Davin Technology Group team.

Meet Mike Bernard. Mike is Davin Tech Group’s Director of IT Operations. He spends most of his days working directly with clients, managing and supporting their IT systems and infrastructure. He is also a master of documentation and oversees the ongoing development of our internal knowledge base and processes. Continue Reading

Death, Taxes & Passwords

$hjV8K9a5h! – Look familiar? You’ve seen this before, you’ve used this before, and you have against all odds tried to remember it before. The days of passwords as such of these are should be behind us. However, they still haunt us.  It’s your Wifi password, your company mandated 12 character, special character, capital letter required password, or even your Facebook login. Time to throw away the sticky notes, here are the essentials to creating a memorable and secure password.

Continue Reading